Jul. 21st, 2010 10:20 am
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Updates (to be expanded upon at a later time)

-Wedding, which ended at precisely 12:34am July 3rd (I'd like to point out that Dave has previously stated that he had never been to a wedding which started on time - I don't know what time we were supposed to start but yay for an SMs sense of timing when it comes to the curtain call!)

-Reno, hot with too much to get done but oddly not enough to do

-X Burlesque, the first thing we did as a married couple was go see mostly-naked women dance in a "kitchen-sink" review

-Clothing insanity, between guests wanting to wear a)white or b)far-too-formal wear and my unhappiness with my dress; who would have thought the one thing that went wrong would be clothes?

-Haven't done theater in months, getting twitchy, need a fix

-Taking directing this fall and want to do the "discovery" scene from Loves' Labour's Lost or else My Fair Lady from "Without You" to the end. I'll also need to look at standard plays (not Shakespeare or musicals) to find a third option in case neither of those work

-Learning to read music and play the piano, making progress in both but breaking my fingers hold a certain amount of appeal (anyone know how to increase the intelligence of digits?)

That is all for now .... I think.
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Mwahahahahahaha! I have captured an unsuspecting, hapless, introverted computer geek in my web of evil-ness. I will now proceed to torture him with over-peppered meals, inappropriate tickles at bedtime and frequent surprise spankings for the next 55 years! Man I'm good, uh, I mean bad - yeah, I'm one badass mutha' of three. Or two, or whatever.
I'm in a weird mood, can ya tell?
Today is the second anniversary of my first date with Dave. (No he hasn't proposed officially yet, yes the wedding is 65% planned and all important people have been informed.)
Wow, 730 days (give or take a leap year) and not only are we still snuggled together but we plan on remaining that way for the foreseeable future (at least until 12/12/2012 when the zombie revolution hits, if he doesn't survive the first wave I'm so using his corpse for bait). I hope you understand, Panda, and I know you'd do the same if I go first.

Oh, we went to go see "UP" a few weeks ago, and if you've seen it, the beginning part, you know the one that hits you right here *gestures towards the chestal region* the one that made me cry very prettily both times I saw it. Yeah, it got to him too, I heard suspicious sniffles and even saw a tear, just one though, it was a man tear god-damnit! (50 points if you spot the quote)

Anyway, adios. *bounces away to wrap his present, which due to the occasional miracle of the USPS got here precisely on time* ~J

Run Away!

Feb. 19th, 2009 04:18 pm
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Well, we've just eclipsed the year mark for crisavec and I living together, depending on if you mark it as the night I moved in suddenly and didn't leave or the day we bought our bed. I expected us to fall apart rather quickly, what with my annoyingly quirky behavior and Dave's introverted ways, but amazingly its been like breathing. I feel like I've been with him for years, in the good way, and I can no longer imagine not having him in my life. On Valentine's he asked me what I thought would come of it that first weekend when we met and flirted shamelessly - he didn't expect anything, he just thought I looked interesting and in want of company - in all honesty, and I told him as much, I was hoping for six months of fun conversations and a relatively clean break-up. I never expected when that cheerful, techno-dude came waddling over to me at the bar that I'd some day make a Prefinanced Panda out of him, or that I'd become his Prefinanced Pookie. We're a few months shy of two years and I'm still twitterpatted. Weird isn't it?

Overall life is going well, I still haven't grown up as much as I'd like. Being as close to my parents as I have been since high school I'm still accustomed to the lifestyle I was raised in, a lifestyle neither Dave nor I can possibly afford, even if we were to both work full time. I need to make that adjustment from being able to go-out whenever I feel like it, to having to pack a lunch every morning or else not have lunch that day. We want kids, and unless I suddenly get discovered and go platinum we'll have to make sacrifices and start saving NOW.

I am questioning getting married, not because I have any doubts that he's the Panda I want to be with for the rest of my life, but more so because I wonder if I'm doing him a disservice. I've never had to nickel and dime it, never had to save up for much of anything - I either got what I wanted or else I didn't want it that badly. Is someone whose financial philosophy is "you can't take it with you" or "what's the point of money if not to spend it" really ready to having a joint bank account, are they really prepared to be responsible for another person's financial well being? I'm just worried I still have a child's mentality and that I'm going to let him down someday because of that naivete.

On the plus side Dave came to photograph a rehearsal for the play I'm stage managing and is certain in his belief that I'll make a good mother. Like herding kittens, I swear. My director is driving me nuts - I think all of my SMing experience is just racking up names of people I will not be working with in the future. It's an . . . uh, interesting play, very artistic and I do like that it was a collaborative script, but its so blatantly biased it makes my brain die a little every time the curtain goes down. I'm ecstatic about my next project, auditions are Monday, it's the women of the Old Testament and their stories as told through acrobatics and ariel silk - imagine Cirque du Soeil: Genisus but on a much smaller budget.

Hello, my name is angie_di and I'm an obsessive personality - we're over a year away, and that's if we can afford it that soon, and I'm already looking at Nevada law, photographers, public land alcohol policies, making guests lists, looking at dress designs, thinking about fabrics and favors and all kinds of meaningless things. I'm at the point where I'm driving myself nuts let alone poor crisavec. It sucks that what makes me so good at my job, giving undivided attention to all of the details about one single event, should be keeping me up at night wondering what sort of deals I could make with the photographer and how to get power for lights and sound out to Eklutna.
I just felt like sharing a tidbit of the hell I'm putting crisavec through, feel free to give him your sympathies. And the instant he actually proposes I'll let you know in sickening detail (no I'm not getting ahead of myself, yes he is going to ask, the bastard has it planned but other than he's going to do it sometime this summer the twerp won't tell me a damn thing).

Much love - J
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I find that due to lack of use my jazz skills are starting to slip somewhat. So I would appreciate a challenge. Should you wish feel free to use me as a radio. Keep in mind they may not be perfect but I will try to please. The following is a list of jazz songs I already know passably well.

All of Me * Misty * Whatever Lola Wants * They All Laughed * He's A Tramp * Got No Strings * LOVE * Blue Skies * This Can't Be Love * Crush * Ain't Misbehavin' * Orange Colored Sky * They Can't Take That Away * Folks Who Live On The Hill * Autumn Leaves * Ev'rytime We Say Goodbye * I Cried for You * The Very Thought of You * Paper Moon * I'll Be Seeing You * Fly Me to the Moon * It Had to Be You * Tell Me Lies * Fever * Don't Get Around Much Anymore * Frim Fram Sauce * I Wish You Love * Why Don't You Do Right * Nature Boy * I Could Write A Book * Let's Call the Whole Thing Off * It's Alright With Me * I Got Rhythm * You Make Me Feel So Young * Just One Of Those Things

I know there's a lot more but I can't seem to remember them. Anyway, thank you. ~J


Nov. 4th, 2008 08:00 pm
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I voted first thing this morning. My first presidential election and a first no matter how it'll turn out.
Should McCain win, highly unlikely according to the current projections, I will worry about bans on gay marriage and abortion, and a constant state of war.

If/When Obama wins it will be a wonderful time for gays and women, but I fear what would happen should he attempt to castrate the military and go after privately owned guns.

However things happen life will continue.

The polls are now closed. Thank you for voting.
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1) Tonight's cabaret went extremely well, we sold out and 95% of the singers were just lovely.
2) Finals are over and here's hoping I didn't fail anything.
3) I got cast in my first major role. I'm playing Helen in "Fat Pig", a play being produced by Theatre on the Rocks and opening the last weekend of August. I'm looking forward to it but I'm nervous as hell, the character is so similar to me it's genuinely creepy. And I'm not sure yet how comfy I'll be eating sushi (which usually makes me gag) and making out on stage with someone who is currently an acquaintance. Rehearsals don't start until mid-July so I'll stress about it then.


Nov. 21st, 2007 10:08 am
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Family: I very rarely see them, which is making me kinda homesick. I catch up with my parents Tues., Thurs., and Friday when I have a break between classes but they're always busy working so it isn't the same. We are having Thanksgiving together so hopefully that'll be something. The only unfortunate thing about that is some of Katie's family might be joining us, understandable since we're having dinner at her place and she can invite whoever she wants but this will make the dinner a little strained. Mom's really good about covering her opinion (Dad even more so - he could despise you until the day you died and you'd go to your grave thinking he enjoyed your talks together) but she has low opinions of her family so no matter which parent she invited things are going to be a little uncomfortable. But then again what's a family gather without anger, resentment, and a few uncomfortable silences. On the plus side I will have Dave with me, it's kinda cruel to introduce him to my family this way but he can get me back next month.

Next month Dave and I are taking a trip, first stop is Disneyland (courtesy of my parents - best Christmas/Birthday gift ever!) for a few days and then we're going to Oregon to spend a week with his family for Christmas, I've met his parents but this will be the first time so much as talking with his siblings and grandparents. I'm rather worried, his father seemed to like me and his mother didn't seem too appalled but I'm worried I won't measure up for everyone else. Silly. Technically I didn't get an invite, as Katie said Miss Manners would have had a heart attack if she knew, I invited myself . . . well kinda. (Mom: So what's Dave doing for Christmas? Me: He's going to Oregon to visit his grandparents, you know, the whole family get-together thing. Mom: Good for him, is he taking you with him? Me: Nah. Which means *sarcastic sniffle* I'm gonna be alone for Christmas. *laughs* But we're doing something right? Mom: Hmmm, tell him if its a matter of paying for the ticket we have plenty of miles your father and I aren't using. Me: Uh, ok, I guess I can ask.) In other words I invited myself to Christmas because my Mom had pity on me and was willing to pay for me to go. A part of me kinda hoped he'd say no, I'd have been dreadfully disappointed but it's his family so what business do I have to barge in and demand a place to sleep, however he doesn't seem to mind and I'm excited about going, I've never had a big family Christmas. Living in Alaska makes those harder to organize, and even then Dad was never close to his family (and with the exception of his nephew all of his immediate family have now passed) and my Mother has disowned my grandmother (if every phone call was a mind fuck that left you crying for three hours you'd break off contact too) and as with my Dad all of my other step/grandparents have passed as well, I have a few cousins and aunts/uncle on that side that we hear from once or twice a year. Pity. Hopefully Jeff and I will be better about that, and we will until Mom and Dad pass but after that I have a feeling we'll loose touch.

Anyway, things with Dave are going well. I keep freaking him out with my random shifts in hormone levels but otherwise it works. My roomies keep talking about renting out my room as a hostel and they say "Jessie's come to visit!" when I open the door, I guess that's what I get for spending one night here this week, usually I spend four here and three at Dave's but since it's Thanksgiving/My Birthday the plan is Wed-Mon. Dave really is good for me, and for the most part I think I get him. I just need to find something to distract myself with when he starts working, on a mental level I totally get needing to work but tell that to my child side who demands as much attention from everyone as possible. Someday I hope to gag and bind that impulse.

I'm throwing a party for my birthday, honestly I think it'll be a disaster since I'm not really that close to anyone any more, but I would like to spend time with my friends again, over the summer I saw Caiti, Isaac, and very briefly Cecilia and her boyfriend Russell. With those exceptions I didn't see anyone other than my family and Dave from July - September when school started. (I'm sure that's an exaggeration but I can't recall anything else other than Caiti's B-day on the 3rd of July that had other people there).

I'm growing less pleased with my living situation. Zach and Alli are in their own world most of the time so I don't worry about them, Darren seems much happier since he's been getting closer with "The Admired One" (he's been in love with the same girl for the better part of five years, through three boyfriends and one fiance fiasco) they went out on a date last night and she invited him to her family's for Thanksgiving but as of this Tuesday she's leaving for Brazil for three months. I wish him the best of luck since he really is a more pleasant person when he's around/ recently around her. The only one I'm having trouble tolerating is Charles. He's been sleeping on the couch since October 12th, he's waiting in Anchorage to hear about job opportunities in Japan - he wants to be an English Language teacher there. He's been getting promising responses but nothing concrete. Originally he said if he was still waiting to hear back after a week he'd look for somewhere else to crash. Now that's it's been over a month he's officially going to start paying rent on Dec. 5th. I want him out, he annoys the hell out of me with his constant chatter about things I can't even fake an interest in and his coughing and hacking and nose blowing at three in the morning keeps waking me up. Unfortunately he's not my guest, ergo with the vote three to one, four to one if you count Charles I have no say in if he stays or not. *sigh* I'm sure he's not really that bad, I'm just blowing things out of proportion. At least dear god I hope so.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Let's hear it for turning twenty and no longer being a teenager!
I've gotta run *huggles and snugs* ~J


Sep. 25th, 2007 12:02 pm
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School: Busy but well, I'm taking 20 credits and working my ass off. But I have so much homework to catch up on it's ridiculous. Thankfully most of my classes are the hands-on variety so not very much paperwork involved.

Living Arrangements: Things are going well, as of next week Alli will be officially paying rent and living with us. Chi and Moto (Zach and Alli's cats) are slowly but surely seeming to adjust, they still want to kill each other but their quieter about it now. I never see Zach, Alli I see somewhat more often, and since as last I knew Darren was still jobless I see him all the time. They're always commenting on whether I still live there since they never see me. I can't remember the last Friday night I slept at the apartment. To be honest I kinda like it that way.

Family: My brother seems to be doing well, he has a new job at a different shop earing $26-28/hour depending on how many hours a week he works. He and Katie seem to be having troubles, but I'm getting that from Milo so I don't know how valid it is - I know they don't spend enough time together but apparently my brother is a full fledge functioning alcoholic, given how those run in the family he's starting to worry me. I hope everything turns out but given how they complain about and to each other I don't see how they can do anything but make each other miserable.
Mom and Dad are having financial troubles as always, I'd say I hoped they worked their way out of it but I have to realistic and say that won't happen. Sadly we've had to put another family friend in the ground, last time was Linda -I missed the funeral because of class, this time it was Barbara and Jeff missed it because of work so at least most of the family made it to each. I don't know how Mom can be taking it so well, she was actually part of the funeral for Barbara and she was there when Linda officially passed. Too many people have been dying, this our fifth this year alone.

Friends: I still see plenty of Caiti and Isaac but with the exception of Chris who makes an effort to hang out with me I haven't seen most of my friends in ages. I miss them but life is so busy that I haven't really had the drive to do anything to fix that.

Dave: Things are good, and looking to remain so for quite sometime. I'm very high maintenance and I worry too much but I'm trying to get over that, he gives me cuddles when I need them and he's put up with my insanity better than almost anyone else I've ever known- he actually finds my random gurglings 'cute' I have no idea who brainwashed him before I found him but if I knew I'd send them flowers.
Last weekend we went on a day trip to Denali and this weekend we made a monster trip up to Fairbanks and Chen Hot Springs (If I have time I'll write a post about just that). It was lovely, and other than bad luck with beds I couldn't have asked for it to have gone better.

Other random stuff: After the insanity early this month my moods are back to being my own. I'm still on my prescription, I figured I'd follow the doctor's recommendation and give my body another month or two to adjust, if I'm still have troubles in November I'll switch to something else.
Halloween is coming up and I desperately want a big costume party, I've been invited to Andrea's out in Chugiak but I won't know many people there besides Caiti and I don't know how likely it'll be to convince Dave to come along. I wish I had a bigger house or else more social roommates - that way I could just throw a party myself. *sigh*

Gotta run to class *hugs* ~J
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Let's see, I last posted in February so I'm sure the three people who did read this have since given up, meaning my journal is completely hidden from prying eyes. Mwahahahaha!

Going fairly well, what I may be lacking in higher learning (most of my classes are the ‘fun’ variety) I’m more than making up for in life experience and contacts in the local community – which will lead to contacts in the national or international communities. I gave up my last pretenses and officially declared myself a theater major. This coming semester will be fun, I shudder to think of the GERs that are going to come back to bite my ass.
Classes )

Home Life:
I moved in with my friends Darren and Zach back in May. Living with bills and roommates has been different. For instance I took for granted that after a late rehearsal food would be waiting for me, now not only do I have to make something if I’m famished but if I didn’t have the time or money to get groceries I go hungry. Darren’s starting to get on my nerves, as of this month’s bills he owes me $309.42, which is $100 less than what he owed me three weeks ago (I paid for all of his June and half of his July’s rent, plus bills). It doesn’t help that he throws a hissy fit every time I so much as mention money, not the paying-me-back part just little things like “by the way I paid the electric bill” or “I’ll spot you for the movies this time, it’s ok.” Zach has been no comfort; ever since he met Alli and fell head-over-heels for her (they really are a perfect match) he’s never around to balance my positive to Darren’s negative, at this rate one us of will be forced to leave. And I have a feeling it will be me – Zach and Darren have been friends since middle school, I can’t ask Zach to boot him.

I miss the quiet nights at home with my folks - as for the rest of it (Jeff and Katie’s up-coming marriage, office politics, the general wellbeing of my parents let alone my brother) it’s too complicated and too troubling to get into here.

Miss them, I have barely seen any of my friends this summer – which is terrible since most of them are scattering to college in a few weeks if they haven’t already. My college friends and Justin (who’s joining the ranks of UAA cheapskates) have been scarce this summer but I’m looking forward to seeing them when classes start.

Ladies of the Camellias went well; I hope never again to work with Reichman. Immediately after that (meaning during the run of Ladies I was showing up at rehearsals on our dark nights) I worked with Edgecombe and hope not to do that again as well. I had a week or two off and then start The Perfect Prayer which went up in May/June at Cyrano’s. When I first signed up I was there for the director and the cast, I didn’t like the script much, however there were massive re-writes by the playwrite and it turned out well. We got glowing reviews in most of the papers in town (ADN, Press, and Northern Light). It was a lovely experience; of course I’m glossing over the things that made me want to pull my hair out and deck either my light op., my director, or both. Ah, the joy of a selective memory. On the heels of Perfect Prayer (I actually missed the last two weeks of Sat./Sun. performances to do this, but I did tell them at the start that I had a prior obligation in June) was Ren Faire, which was a delight as always. I sadly didn’t get to play a part in any major schemes but I enjoyed myself, made a few new friends, and got a small percentage of the UAA theater dept. involved. There is one other delightful happening related to Ren Faire but he’ll get his own entry soon enough. After a one month break (the longest I’ve gone between shows since I interned with TFYP in July 06) we started rehearsals for The Pillowman over at UAA. We’d held auditions back in May, and the play had been cast and everyone given their scripts before Finals were over – they had two months to memorize and come in off book. It makes a tremendous amount of difference when, from the start, everyone’s connecting rather than walking around with scripts in their hands. We run the last week of August and the first week of September, if you’re in town I highly recommend it.

Let’s see, I’ve covered College, my new living arrangements, my family (kinda), friends (again kinda), theater . . . . yeah, the only other major change is in my ‘romantic’ status. Which will be too long an entry so I’ll just write another one for that.

Fuzz ~J (^.^)


Feb. 19th, 2007 09:23 am
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I'll keep it short since I have to run off to class.
The show ended well, I got the hang of running lights and sound and everything went off without a hitch. It was lovely getting to know them and getting my foot in the door, as far as working in this town. Sunday night I had a second, and different show to tech for and I'd only had one dress rehearsal the day before. It went very well, we were officially sold out even though we still had a handful of empty seats at curtain.
Other news - I'm over my insanity of the past week and a half (thank god, it turns out my brain settled as soon as my cycle was through).
I got my hair cut, it's the shortest its been since I was 9 and got a hair cut that made me loook like a boy.
I was stupid, and looked up just in time to run a red light, thankfully I swerved fast enough that instead of T-Boning them the big-ass SUV hit me. I now have 4 points on my license, a $200 ticket and a bumper shaped indent that takes up most of my passenger side. But no one was hurt (thank you, thank you!) in either car, and I made the cops laugh. As soon as they got out of their car- "Ok, so what happened here?" "It was absolutely, 100%, my fault." "Ok, just hold your horses ma'am, I'll get to you in just a second." (he said it smiling - apparently you're supposed to neither confirm nor deny fault, I did not know this, and even if I did I'd still have told the truth. If I ever get in trouble with the law my lawyer is going to hate me "Yes, I did it, but I'm so sorry!")
I've gotta run, Love you, J
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Ugh, I have some catching up to do.
* I had a dream a week or two ago. Most of my dreams have me either running away or fighting for my life, but this was a pleasant one. There's a girl, woman actually, in one of my classes. She's very sweet and very straight (I met her boyfriend who seems quite charming) and she made me a knit rainbow hat. I dreamt that we went on our first date - it was quiet, calm, and exciting as a first date should be. I'm attracted to plenty of people (mainly women at the moment) but nothing deeper than what I feel when I see a painting, pretty but not something you'd want in your bed. Eh, plenty of time for that eventually.
* Ernie's beginning to distress me. None of my friends are arrogant, ok, ok, they aren't genuinely arrogant. Some of them pretend to be snobs for laughs, and others are just insecure enough to make up for it. Ernie seems to becoming a little too proud, not in life but in theater where he is 'king'. It isn't bad enough that I'm considering speaking to him about it but I'm starting to worry he's going to turn into a pain in the ass prima donna. He's too nice a guy to drive people away by turning into a schmuck.
* Jeff and Katie are moving into a new and supposedly better apartment (they have a soft date for the wedding, the anniversary of their first date 2008). My family has been enlisted to help them do the actual moving, I got out of hauling anything too heavy by making us dinner.
* I'm sick, a mild cold, but annoying enough that it's starting to screw with my routine. I have two sessions of choir on Monday, University Singers for a little less than two hours and then immediately over to ACC for another three hours (take away a break and an early end) by the end of the night I can barely hit a note.
* I have got to get to sewing, I have two big projects coming up - one is my Halloween costume (I get extra credit from my theater classes for coming in costume) which ought to be awesome, I'm even doing my research into the character and I plan on highlighting and cutting my hair. The other one (and even bigger one) is a present for Jenny. Her birthday was weeks ago and I plan on sending her . . . something between now and Christmas as a combo gift. I only hope she likes it since I've never made one of these. -.-
* I'm on a BIG Sign Language kick. I've been interested in sign for years (I can't remember when I first got into it). I haven't been studying it that long, a few weeks, and though I need to practice I'm having a helluva time. Thursday in stead of going to Chugiak my entire class went to The Abababa Road Tour. I go there an hour early and spent my time watching everyone, I was too timid to go up and start having a conversation, partially because I don’t know enough to be comfortable and also because I always feel like I’m intruding (I don’t know much in the way of sign, none of my friends are deaf, and I can’t fingerspell for sh*t). I sat quietly by myself, a woman from my class sat by me and attempted to make awkward conversation but I didn’t want to talk, I wanted to sign and she clearly wasn’t up for it. Paul came in and sat by our teacher, I watched his conversation and was having a fun time “eavesdropping”. He noticed me watching and waved me over, in sign I asked him if there was an empty seat for me. He told me to wait a minute, then got up, grabbed a free chair and set it down next to him. Paul and I spent the rest of the time before the show talking to each other and to the very nice hearing gentlemen and his deaf girlfriend. I got very confused at some point (I do know how to sign the words. “I’m confused!! Help, anyone, please help me! I don’t understand.”) and he laughed his head off and asked his girlfriend if she’d help me, she said no but I didn’t understand so he had to explain it to me which only made him laugh harder. Looking around I noticed another familiar face, Riley. I waved a cheery hello and got one back. “You take ASL?” “Yeah, I’m in an ASL 1 class.” I tried to ask him how he was but he stared at me blankly so I got up and actually “spoke” to him and his classmates, how do you not know the signs for “How’re you?” or “’sup?” I don’t know. The show was starting so I had to run off but when I looked for him at intermission (I didn’t look that hard, I was too busy talking to Paul) he was gone.
The Show )
It was wonderful, I laughed so hard I started choking and the serious bits made me cry. I hope he comes back some day, or else I see him perform somewhere else.
It’s late but I realized something from my experience, it’ll just have to wait.
All my best ~Jess


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