Dec. 27th, 2007 08:31 pm
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Ok, since the trip is almost over I've forgotten a bunch of the little details but I'll try my darndest to get a bunch, however for a more complete view visit Dave's lj - [ profile] crisavec

Day 1 - Traveling to Disney
We left on a "not as last as it could have been but still pretty damn late for a three hour flight" at a little before 11pm. The plane was not only heavily booked it was sold out. Since Dave is an MVP (from all of his flights this past spring for work) we loaded early. For half an hour I sat in seat B hoping that no one would be sitting in either A and/or C (Dave was seated in the middle seat in front of me). I wasn't able to end up sitting with Dave like I had hoped but I did get the window seat since the two men you sat next to me were especially nice so at least I managed to sleep a little along the way. We had a three hour layover in Seattle. I went to sleep at the gate with Dave reading his palm pilot, I woke up surrounded by people with Dave snoring loudly next to me. [I don't know whether it was because it was 6am, I was tired and hadn't eaten or whether it was truly that fantastic but I got a Chicken Ceaser Salad sandwich from The Great American Bagel Bakery and I ate it so enthusiastically I accidentally took a bit of the wrapper with the first bite. We Need one!
The second flight was fine, I vaguely remember snuggling against Dave the whole way to Cali. We got a shuttle (the drive was interesting, the driver was was quizzing us on random Americana, especially ironic given his rather thick accent, and most of us were stumped- How many states start with the same letter at their capitol? How many towns are named after US presidents? Where is the one place the US flag has never been lowered - I got this one - the moon.) The hotel let us check in early and I took a shower while Dave passed out for a nap and growled at me when I poked him awake.
We took the shuttle and immediately headed to Disney's California Adventure park, specifically to Tower of Terror. It's a little different than at DisneyWorld but still very- Ack! I lost track of the time. Dave wants to wake up at the absurdly early time of 6 AM to go to the coast so I had better go to bed now if I have any hope of showering in the morning. I'll write more when I can. *hugs* ~J


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