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I did a photo shoot yesterday for an incredibly popular male (he has over 600 friends on Facebook, how can anyone have that many friends registered on f*cking Facebook?!) and through some blip I had them processed and posted within 12 hours.

Now I have women throwing themselves at me. Gorgeous, talented, STRAIGHT and/or TAKEN women are throwing themselves at me to photograph them. Damnit, can't I just be the sleazy photographer for once and sleep with my clients? At this rate I'll never get a girlfriend.

Stupid hobby, stupid social awkwardness, stupid chivalrous nature!

And the saddest part is that much of the above was earnest rather than ironic.

PS, you can find my photos (should you care to view them) at http://jjpervier.smugmug.com/

ADDENDUM: I have since been scheduled for two more shoots with three others set aside for "sometime when life gets less crazy or after midterms"


Jun. 14th, 2009 10:05 am
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Yay for being 21 and at faire! Yay for being a masochist! Yay for getting my ass toasted by a hoard of attractive, drunken actors and actresses of my choosing (hee, Stimy). Yay for getting a chance to toast theirs back. Yay for Cypher and Vanity's return to the state, temporarily. Yay for not paying for my own drinks, and for only a mild headache in the morning!
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In the past seven days I have uploaded 1,139 photos to SmugMug, and processed 7,174.

. . . .I need to get out of the house before Ren Faire 2009 eats my soul. -J
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For those who care to know such things:

My photos, including all those of the 2008 - 3 Baron's Faire can be found at JJPervier.SmugMug.com

It only took me a year, jeezy-creezy!

I'd like to think that I've learned quite a bit about photography (and my own style) in the past year, we'll just have to see what comes from this summer. Ren Faire is two weeks away, be still my soon-to-be-aching-knees.

PS If, after seeing my stuff (however my best portraiture work is in a private gallery), you feel like getting a few photos taken please contact me. I need the practice, plus its fun playing dress-up while I haul friends anywhere from Hatchers Pass to Seward.

PPS I'm also posting the photos from ATY's Merry Wives and UAA's Fallen should you care to view them.


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