Aug. 18th, 2010 05:18 pm
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I saw God this afternoon.
I was just watering all of my new plants. We haven't decided where to put them yet so they were getting a little dry sitting out in the first truly sunny day of the summer (or else the first sunny day in such a long while that it doesn't make any difference if it was technically the first sunny day of the summer or not, since in everyone's minds this counted as a truly sunny day - most especially for parents as today was also the first day of the new school year, an irony that was sadly lost on many students).
While testing out my new hose - a bright blue coiling thing that comes with several settings including "mist", "shower", and "soaker" which, as far as I can tell, is a practical joke from the manufacturer as all it does is spit water to the sides and down and will only soak anything directly beneath you, such as your shoes and trousers - I decided to wash down the sides of the house, a practice I was unfamiliar with but had seen the neighbors doing.
While washing my kitchen windows down (using the "flat" setting, incidentally) I realized I was forming rainbows, I wasted a considerable amount of water playing and seeing which setting made the best one - for any who care to know on a sunny August day, at approximately a quarter to 5 and with the sun precisely at that just-so angle the "cone" setting will make the most impressive rainbow, provided of course that the breeze is also perfect.
It was shortly after that, while washing the tree in my front yard, that I saw God.
S/He took me quite by surprise. It was oddly warming to see him there, plain as day in the shafts of light defined by the water collecting in the air (oddly warming because while standing there letting a reprehensible amount of water jet by uselessly I became thoroughly soaked and a wee bit chilled in the aforementioned breeze).
It's nice to know he's still there. Nice to know I can still see miraculous things in ho-hum daily life. And its nice to know that at least one person who reads this will understand why I had to write this down.

(If you read the above in a British accent while recalling the work of Dahl, Pratchett or Gaiman my ramblings might make more sense)


Aug. 13th, 2010 10:43 pm
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Two tears, highlighted by a Dell-glow, amazing and inexplicable - I forget the depth of you sometimes. I'll keep singing for as long as you want to listen.


Jul. 21st, 2010 10:20 am
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Updates (to be expanded upon at a later time)

-Wedding, which ended at precisely 12:34am July 3rd (I'd like to point out that Dave has previously stated that he had never been to a wedding which started on time - I don't know what time we were supposed to start but yay for an SMs sense of timing when it comes to the curtain call!)

-Reno, hot with too much to get done but oddly not enough to do

-X Burlesque, the first thing we did as a married couple was go see mostly-naked women dance in a "kitchen-sink" review

-Clothing insanity, between guests wanting to wear a)white or b)far-too-formal wear and my unhappiness with my dress; who would have thought the one thing that went wrong would be clothes?

-Haven't done theater in months, getting twitchy, need a fix

-Taking directing this fall and want to do the "discovery" scene from Loves' Labour's Lost or else My Fair Lady from "Without You" to the end. I'll also need to look at standard plays (not Shakespeare or musicals) to find a third option in case neither of those work

-Learning to read music and play the piano, making progress in both but breaking my fingers hold a certain amount of appeal (anyone know how to increase the intelligence of digits?)

That is all for now .... I think.


Sep. 20th, 2009 11:10 pm
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I've been planning the wedding since before Christmas, no exact idea as to when I officially started planning. So this will come as no surprise to anyone:

This weekend Dave and I went to Homer, a place I have no memory of seeing before. We stayed at a lovely B+B, we had the whole thing to ourselves (even the hosts were out of town, and the house-sitter politely left for the night) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I made us dinner, and we drank my favorite champagne. We danced across a hard wood floor lit only by the fireplace and my genuinely-flickering-artificial-candles. The view was stunning, with the lights of Homer glittering on the water (or I assume they glittered as we were too far away to properly tell) and the faint outline of mountains beyond. It was perfectly romantic. And he didn't propose.
Sunday I made us breakfast, french toast which I had been craving for weeks, and we watched a new movie neither of us had seen. As the day wore on I was growing progressively more pissy, he'd told me he'd propose officially before the end of summer. As an Alaskan girl summer ends when the Fair and/or school begins, so he missed that (he defines summer as "before it snows"). Here we were in a lovely, romantic setting and ... nothing. We cleaned up, packed up, and shipped out. On the drive down to the Spit I went from angry to disappointed before finally settling on - I know he wants to marry me, I have no doubt of that so why am I giving so much weight to this?
We arrived at the Seafarer's Memorial, which is beautiful and simplistic simultaneously, it was drizzling and my hair was whipping about my face and knotting rather drastically. As I looked across the water I saw light breaking through the clouds in one of those defined shafts that make you think there might be a supreme being. Dave turned me around, looking far to serious and said, "I know I frustrate and disappoint you, but will you marry me?"
"Hang on a second," I said.
He looked very confused as I pulled the point-and-shoot out of my pocket, set it to video mode and then pointed it up between us, "Ok, now say it again for Caiti."
"I know I frustrate you, but marry me?" There was a pause while I soaked in the moment and he got progressively more nervous, "Are you going to make me wait?"
Dave hung his head and looked defeated before I realized he might have been confused, "That was a 'yes' you jackass."
We nuzzled and after a moment he said, "You're going to drain the battery you know, that thing is still recording."
"Oh, right."
We walked along, past all of the shops closed for the season and I apologized for being snippy at breakfast and explained why I had been. His response, "I wanted to propose at some place more special than a bed and breakfast. And besides, do you have any idea how hard it was be somewhere special on a day it rained?"
"You have a point, oh, where's my ring?"
"... On the desk at home."

As romantic as last night would have been, this story is so much more appropriately us. -J


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