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I wish I was the perfect employee, who is always 10 minutes early, who does what is asked and then some, who puts people at their ease and knows how to handle any situation.
I wish I was the perfect student, the girl who is always cheerful, who does her homework and does it well, who enjoys the subject and asks poignant questions, who the professors enjoy teaching and who always excels.
I wish I was the perfect friend, who is always ready to cheer you up, to have fun, or to be a shoulder when you need one, someone who offers just the right advice and makes you smile just being around them.
I wish I was the perfect girlfriend, the one who knows precisely when to cuddle and when they need their space, who knows what to say that will soothe their worries or make them laugh, who knows when to say 'yes' and and 'you're right dear", who doesn't spend money on frivolous things, who is always loving and giving and doesn't demand anything in return.
I wish I was the perfect sister, the one who never gets into petty arguments, who's actually friends with her brother, who listens and offers advice, and is always willing to help.
I wish I was the perfect daughter, the one who works hard and doesn't slack off, the one who doesn't cost you money for their stupid mistakes, the one who's sweet to her brother, and who's always ready with a card or a present on your birthday, who does well in school in a subject that will take them far in life, who is loyal and lovely and whom you could be friends with, who has the perfect choice in spouses so you never have to worry, and of whom you can be proud of.
I wish I didn't make my mother cry.


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