May. 9th, 2008 11:51 am
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So Mom and I took my stitches out today at lunch, it took forever to get the little scissors under the thread. We used the forceps to lift the knot which stung exactly like plucking your eyebrows. I now have a scab well on the way to scar-hood. I can't decide if it looks like a wonky 'J' or like a gnome bit me, it looks like a tiny human bite . . . kinda. The irritating part is I can just barely bend my finger and I'm trying to relearn how to type using my left index, it's like miniature physical therapy. If I keep working on it, but taking it slow enough I don't tear anything, everything should be back up to snuff in a month or so.

For those who like gore I'll see if Dave can't post the pics of the stitches and the new scar (he got to the ER late so no mid-stitch shot, sorry).
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I've never been stung by a bee.
I've never broken a bone.
I've never had a concussion.
I've never had to go to the emergency room.
I've never needed stitches.

So at the moment I'm trying to ignore the pins-and-needles feeling in my left index finger (something rather difficult to do, especially since its wrapped in gauze 3/4 of an inch thick). Like a true student I put off my "Experimental Archeology Project" until the last possible second. I was carving a Venus figurine out of a piece of wood with a dull knife. For those unfamiliar with the circumstances I'll simplify things:

Rushed student(whose inexperienced at whittling) + Dull knife = BAD

I cut myself right across the knuckle and, for fear of serious damage, opted to have Nick drive me to Regional. Dad was at the office so he met me at the ER, after the necessary paper work and a fairly short wait I was seen by three very kind nurses and one MD. The loaded me up with a local (that stung like a bitch); waited about 15 minutes and stitched me up. Dave showed up just in time to hold my hand. Four stitches, I've got two on Dave. Ha!
Oddly, I was in a terrible mood all day, the final for auditions did not go nearly as well as I had hoped and I couldn't stop crying - I honestly don't know why. But as soon as I had stopped chanting "OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! NICK HELP!" and calmed down I did nothing but joke until I was released. I kept myself laughing, if no one else. That seems to be how I am when someone is injured or sick, if you aren't near imminent death or recovering from open-heart then you ought to be laughing. Better than crying anyway.
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Continuing the Saga - First Date: I literally spent the whole day waiting and primping for the date. It was going to be the first one I actually had time to get ready and dress up (for Brian we didn't have a 'date' until we'd kinda sorta been together a week, with Sariah I had asked her out for Friday but got together for a spontaneous first date the Wednesday night before). I went shopping and got a LBD (Little Black Dress) which must have looked cute because when I asked Zach's opinion he said "This is for Dave? He's gonna jump ya."
I took an hour soaking in the shower and gargled half a bottle of mouth wash, then ran to meet my friend Leilani who did my make-up (it was a little more obvious than my typical wear but my eyes looked gorgeous if I do say so myself). So, all prettified and giggly I waited for him to pick me up - I thought it was quite odd that until he was ten minutes late I hadn't once had the fear that he would stand me up. He showed up almost half an hour late but he looked so cute and happy to see me I didn't mind two seconds after I opened the door. (I try and be a 'good girl', since I hadn't succeeded in waiting the three dates before the first kiss with anyone else I was determined to do so with Dave - yeah, that kinda fell apart as soon as I got my coat on. I swear I was going for a cheek, a cute little peck hello, except he turned at the last second and . . . yeah, I pinned him to the wall before we got out the door, but I swear it wasn't my intention.
We went out to dinner (Chilli's - which I found nice and ironic since that's where my parents had their first date) the food was good and we split the dessert. I was twitter-patted, he was endearing trying to think of things to talk about as he had "engineer's blight; we have ten stories and then we can't think of anything to say, so we just tell 'em again". After dinner it was still far to early to go home so we went to the Point. It was lovely and the only other time I had ever been it had been too dark to see. We walked along the beach arm-in-arm talking about our childhoods and random other snippets we thought the other might find interesting. It was windy and given my skirt and heels the beach might not have been the best choice but I loved it all the same, especially when he held me to keep me warm.
It was almost 10 by this time and we couldn't stand to say goodnight so he drove us up to Flatop. It was gorgeous, I'd never been up there at night before (I have a thing for light- stars, fire, Christmas lights, just about anything) and I was dazzled by the view. We chatted and flirted shamelessly until almost midnight, then [Omit detail- that is just for us to know].
I got home a little after 1am, he kissed me goodnight and then I ran to my room to squeal my happiness into my pillow. ~J
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Okay, maybe not that weird but still really odd. Today I had my Acting 1 final which got done around one pm so I had time to kill - for a month I've been flirting with Isaac because I keep getting this vibe off of him like he wants to ask me out and though I enjoy the flirting I have no interest in dating him, there is no way we'd work ~ plus I think he's just always that affectionate, because I don't get upset is probably why he keeps oing it. Anyway, I started walking (no apparent reason, I just felt like it) and Isaac came with me, along the way we picked up a few more friends (to be honest not people I'd go out of my way to spend time with but pleasent enough when they aren't being too crude for words). Naturally we ended up at the SU and proceeded to spend two and a half hours telling raunchy jokes and getting/giving back rubs - along those lines Caiti and Ernie showed up and Isaac made the off-hand-ish comment long after they'd left that "so. . . you're friend Caiti, she's pretty cute" "yeah, I know. If you want I can ask her for her number for you" "sure, I mean, if you want" <- Well, Caiti?
Back to the point, after spending two hours sitting there with nothing in my stomach aside from half a peanut butter sandwich and a few sips of water I got hungry. I went into Subway and waited in line staring at the menu, apparently I was too engrossed because I didn't even notice a young woman next to me until I heard the following:
Pretty Lady: Heehee, nice shirt.
Me: *Blink* Huh? *looks down - am wearing green 'T' that says 'no one knows i'm a lesbian <3'* Oh! hee, yeah, thank you. *Notices how pretty she is in a willowy-European model kinda way, smiles and hopes it's charming, gets a smile in return* Hi, I'm Jess.
Jennifer: I'm Jennifer.
Me: Nice to meet you. *and then turn away not expecting anything more*
Jennifer: Do you watch 'The L Word'?
Me: Huh? Oh yeah, I mean I've only seen the first six episodes or so.
Jennifer: So you know who Shane is then?
Me: Mhmm, I remember her, yeah.
(I can't remember what came after that aside from a bit more small talk and then she got distracted by the cashier and I had to order my sandwich. She walked out, and yeah I watched her sit down at a table - alone I might add. I got my sandwich and my drink and I took three steps from the door toward my friends before stopping and making an abrupt shift toward Jen.)
Me: Hi.
Jen *Smiles* Hello again.
Me: Sorry, I'm not used to randomly talking to people in line, and now I want to get to know you better, do you mind if I join you for lunch?
Jen: Not at all.
(So I sat and we talked, not for very long, maybe thirty minutes total, a friend of her's joined us before too long - a fifty year old woman who she was very careful to point out was a friend from work. We talked about hometowns, and what we're studying -Oh! She's 19 and a Senior! How scary is that? - we talked about siblings and I can't really remember what else, just basic 'get to know you' stuff. At one point her friend brought up Christmas gifts - as in, what would she like - she named some perfume that has since slipped my mind but I said : I'd get you a present but I don't know your number to reach you *trying to make this not sound incredibly obvious and clearly failing*
Jen: *smiling coyly - there is really no other word for the look she gave me* Oh, I'm sure we can arrange that.
She left to give her a friend a ride before rushing home to pack for a week long stay with her grandparents in Homer - you can find out a whole lot in twenty minutes can't you - but she didn't go before giving me her number. Tee Hee.
Anyway, about tiem I got around to what's weird. It seems like I find someone whenever I'm chasing after someone else. With Brian I was still chasing after Westies. With Sariah, I actually met her the night Si officially turned me down. And now I meet Jennifer while kinda/sort-of chasing after Isaac. This is a weird pattern but I'll need to date a lot more people before I find anything concrete. I'll call her when she gets back and ask her to something nice and platonic, coffee, movies, dancing, dinner, who knows - I'll come up with something. Purrr, Baisers et amour, mes beaux amis. ~J


Oct. 8th, 2005 09:36 pm
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Today went well, I slept in, went to rehearsal - didn't do very much there since I'm not really the power tool type but I did a little sewing. Ok, screw that, let's get to what buzzing about my head. I've been teching at West all week, right? Brian, nice guy, talked about him in my last entry. We've been getting to know each other, like the very basic things you go through before you become friends with someone. I mean I don't even know what type of music he listens or what movies he likes, all I know is he likes the arts,he's touchie-feelie like me, he's kind, sweet, considerate, a good listener (we occasionally run into the problem that neither of us wants to talk since we're both used to listening to others), awkward in a really cute kinda way . . . anyway back to the point. So all week we've been talking, just the usual randomness nothing major, and because I want to know him better I invited him to see Wallace and Gromit (his reaction was a little confusing since he was so enthusiastic about it). So this was Friday. After the actors all went home the techies stayed to work, Ellie and I were down stairs sewing clasps on varying things, Brian joins us and it's just sitting around, talking, you know, the usual. The next morning (today) I got to sleep in and go to rehearsal at 12 instead of 10 (ah, the benifits of being in tech). As I said earlier it was a pretty slow day but at the beginning when I first got there the actors were still hanging around and I got to say hello to him (my buzzer went off a little when he asked me what I'd done that day, who asks that? It was only noon, what could I have done? Saved the Earth?). After the actors were dismissed he actually came back to help us poor techs (little odd but he's usually a techie so I didn't think much of it). We stayed until after almost everyone had left and then we went out to our cars, we hugged goodbye but it was an odd hug because instead of the usual grip and release he wrapped his arms around my waist and I put my arms around his neck. We stood like that for awhile just kind of looking at each other. "Bye, see you in like, what an hour?" "Yeah, an hour." (I guess I looked at him oddly since he said) "Well, I'm just saying, an hour." We stood there a little longer "Hun, I'm sorry but you gotta let me go so I can go meet my parents and get money." "Yeah." "Bye" "Bye." Then we got into our cars and left.
Shortly after that I called Milo all in a tizzy asking for advice, since I thought he might like me but I wasn't certain, so what should I do? That kind of thing. She said to take it easy, slow, get to know him better and let him make the first move, if in a week or two he'd done nothing and that weird feeling was still there than I could ask him if something was up or not. She calmed me down and I went to the movie. My folks got there the same time as I did so I met up with them in the lobby and they got my ticket for me. "Jess." "Hey Brian." "Hey, I've got your ticket for you." "Aw, really? Mom, wait a second . . ." But it was too late she'd already gotten me a ticket. "Oops" "No biggie" "Yeah, give it to Ellie, I think she'll need one." "Yeah." So he waited there (after I introduced him to my mother) and I waited with him for awhile but I couldn't think of anything to say without sounding like a total spaz so I decided to go save us all seats. The movie was good but I wasn't paying much attention since when the intro started rolling he offered me his hand (which I took, of course) and we spent the rest of the movie leaning up against each other (my radar was pinging but I've done that with plenty of friends before, heck I've done that with my Mom, some theaters are freaking cold!). Afterward everyone went home in stages leaving Logan, Brian and I alone to talk awkwardly for a few minutes before we saw Logan bike off and I walked Brian to his car ("Which ways you're car" "That way. Which ways yours?" I pointed to the opposite direction we were walking in. "You gonna walk me to my car? I was gonna walk you to yours." "To heck with that, I'm the boy, babe.")So we walked to his van, made some awkward conversation and then I hugged him good bye, but it was that odd hug again, where my hands were around his neck and his were on my waist. We just sort of stood there for awhile, neither letting go, just staring at each other. "My nose is cold" "Oh I'm sorry" I put my hand over it but he buried his head in my neck and I rested my head on his shoulder. "Do you feel the cold?" "Well, yeah, I am human you know." "Well, no, I mean, are you cold now?" "Not really, well my fingers are but otherwise I'm fine." I smiled at him. And the he kissed me, this quick little peck on the lips, I didn't even have enough time to respond, or decide if I wanted to. "Oh. That was surprising even though I kinda expected it." "Really?" (but more like because I was surprised rather than the fact that I'd been expecting it) I buried my face in his chest and sort of mumbled "Oh, this is embarrassing but that was my first kiss." "Really?" I kissed him on the cheek. "Ok, we'll talk about this on Monday, ok?" "Sure." "And that's the last kiss you're gonna get until we get a date. But that doesn't mean I can't kiss you." I kissed him on the cheek again and then proceeded to run away after a hasty "Bye. Be safe. See ya Monday."
As soon as I got into my car (shaking and more confused than ever) I proceeded to call Anthea who laughed at how stressed out I sounded and told me to 'go with it'. Next I called Milo and opened our talks with "Milo, your advice isn't worth Shit!" "What?" "He kissed me!" "What?!" "He KISSED me!" "Damn, well, there's an answer for you." "Thank you so freaking much." She told me to work out what I wanted and to play hard to get, make him work for it a little more, see whether he was looking for a fun time or something more serious, plus now she wants to meet him and 'see that he'll take care of my Jessie' - oh joy. Then I called Sierra how gave me a whole new level to my already screech worthy anxiety. "Just act cool ok. Try to work out whether he likes you or whether it was just a flirty kiss without anything really behind it." "What, you mean this might not mean anything?" " I don't know. Just relax, ok, take it easy. Now what you have to do is hang out with him more, invite him to go see a movie and during it sorta lean against him and if he doesn't reject that you can lean a little more and-" "Hun, we're kinda beyond that. I already asked him to a movie and we hung all over each other, but I do that with lots of people." "Ugh, hmmm, true. In which case I don't really know, just try to act normal, don't be clingy, guys hate clingy." Finally I called Ellie (of my friends she is the closest to Brian so I was kinda worried about letting her know in case she'd be upset). I asked her if she thought it was just a kiss to show affection or if it meant he liked me, she said it might have been affection but that he wasn't usually the sort of person to do that and she said if I decided how I felt I ought to go for it. I'll see him on Monday at rehearsal so we can talk about it then. Oof, please, oh god, please don't let this end badly no matter how it goes from here don't let either of us be hurt more than we can heal or so badly that we're no longer friends, please, oh please, oh please.


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