May. 23rd, 2008


May. 23rd, 2008 12:48 pm
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Grrrrrr!!!! Argh!!!
*deep breath* Fucking EAFB. I was trying to get a patient's MRI results which they had neglected to send over before their appointment this afternoon. The patient and his/her family were very nice and came 30 minutes early for paper work. Everything was dandy until I called the referral service at Elmandorf, I was on hold for 15 minutes . . . the first time I called. I decided I'd been lost in the ether since at this point I had yet to speak to a human, just a bunch of machines telling me what button to push that could possibly lead me to another biped, I hung up and tried again. And was put on hold again, this time I was only on for 10 minutes until Mom accidentally hung up my line.
At this point we tried to get some of their records off the net by way of Providence, we still wouldn't be able to get the MRI results but maybe we could find an admitting note. ER notes found I hit print, and was promptly met with a frozen printer. . . this has happened before, the solution? I saved and backed up everything I was working on, while still listening to that eternal beeping, and restarted the comp.; which promptly froze for another three minutes when it came back up and I tried to manually shut it off by jamming the power button with increasing degrees of force, only to have Mom come over, punch a different button, and have it instantly whir to life. The printer started printing, all was right with the world, except I was still on hold and the patient's kids were getting loud in the waiting room (the older brother - approx. 5yr - was tricking his 2 year old sister to run into walls).
Fed up and starting to cultivate my daily headache I hung up decided to listen to EAFB's menu options one more time just to double check and make sure there wasn't some remark about them taking Friday off for the holiday. I dialed . . . it rang . . . and a recorded woman's soothing voice pumped over the speaker phone saying "the referral service line is currently disabled, please dial the operator for further assistance. Thank you and have a good day. *click*".
Ahhhhh!!!!!! A grand total of almost 50 minutes on hold.


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